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Letter from Madi

At some point in our lives, we all earn our wings. I just earned mine a little earlier so I could help other people, which, by the way, is a passion of mine.

Don't worry I did not go easy. I danced into the gates of heaven ready to take on the weight of those who struggle, just like me, from mental illness. Seeing you here today brings a smile to my face because I know my life's purpose is being carried out.

I always knew I was different. At the time, I thought it was for negative reasons, but I can see now how much positivity my life has brought to this terrible disease. I needed this house when I was on earth to feel accepted and heal. I gave my mom the idea when I was alive.

So today I want to thank you for honoring my life, but most importantly, for supporting such a worthy cause in Madi's House.

I just ask you to do this one thing for me: dance a little crazy everyday!


With love and cowgirl boots,


The Raleigh family has been loving Madi from afar since January 17, 2019. Her sister wrote this letter from Madi's perspective to provide some insight on how Madi's House came to be. The Raleigh family celebrates Madi's life with the work they are doing through Madi's House.

About Us

Madi's House offers struggling young adults a place to fill time, find friends, and feel hope. Here you can gather in an accepting community and participate in meaningful activities as you work on recovery after programmatic care for mental illness or addiction.

The daily grind of managing life with mental health issues and/ or the disease of addiction can get heavy. Madi knew that. One of her greatest frustrations was the lack of a safe, comfortable space to gather with others and just hang out.

The doors of Madi's House are open for young adults struggling with mental health issues and who are clean and sober. We also welcome the family and loved ones supporting these young adults.

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